The Best Board Games for Couples: Date Night Edition

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Are you tired of the same old movie nights and Netflix binges with your significant other? Spice up your date nights with some friendly competition with these 11 board games perfect for couples!

1. Patchwork – This two-player game involves puzzles and strategy as you compete to create the best quilt.

2. Jaipur – In this card game, players trade, buy, and sell goods to become the best trader in the city.

3. Love Letter – This game of deduction and luck challenges players to capture the heart of the princess.

4. Hive – This strategy game involves laying pieces to build a hive, while trying to surround your opponent’s queen bee.

5. Splendor – Players collect gems to buy cards that increase their wealth and prestige in this game of strategy.

6. Codenames Duet – A cooperative game where players work together to uncover secret agents before time runs out.

7. Onitama – Similar to chess, this strategy game requires players to move their pieces to capture their opponent’s master.

8. Azul – This award-winning tile placement game challenges players to create the best mosaic.

9. Santorini – Players compete to build and climb a tower while trying to outmaneuver their opponent.

10. Hanabi – In this cooperative game, players work together to create the perfect fireworks display.

11. Carcassonne – This tile-laying game involves building cities and roads, while trying to outscore your opponent.

Whether you’re looking for a night of strategy or luck, these board games provide the perfect opportunity for a fun night in with your significant other. So put down the remote and pick up some dice, cards, and tiles for a thrilling game night. Who knows, you might even discover a new favorite game together!

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