Board Games for Kids: The Top Picks for Different Age Groups

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If there’s one thing teens can’t resist, it’s a good board game. Whether they’re hanging out with friends or looking for something fun to do with the family, a well-designed board game always makes for an entertaining afternoon. With so many options on the market, however, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 13 best board games for teens in 2022 – get ready to play!

First up is Ticket to Ride. This classic is a must-have for any board game collection, and it’s especially great for older kids and teens. Players collect cards and build train routes across the United States, trying to complete their journeys before their opponents do. With a beautiful design and easy-to-learn gameplay, Ticket to Ride is sure to be a hit.

If your teen is looking for something a little spookier, they’ll love Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate. In this horror-themed game, players work together to explore a haunted city – until one of them turns traitor, that is. From there, it’s a race to see who can complete their objectives first – the heroes or the villain. With endlessly replayable scenarios and tons of excitement, this is a great choice for teens who love a good scare.

Pandemic is another classic that’s perfect for teens. In this cooperative game, players band together to stop the spread of deadly diseases across the world. With each turn, the virus spreads further and further – can you and your friends work together to find a cure before it’s too late? With tons of strategy involved, Pandemic is a great choice for teens who crave a challenge.

For a more lighthearted option, try Codenames. In this party game, players work in teams to try to guess each other’s code words. It sounds simple, but there’s a catch – each team has to give clues that connect multiple words at once. With a huge variety of word options and endless possibilities for clues, this is a game that teens will come back to time and time again.

Finally, no list of top board games for teens would be complete without mentioning Settlers of Catan. In this strategy game, players compete to build the best civilization on the fictional island of Catan. With resources to gather, roads to build, and settlements to establish, there’s always something to do in Settlers. It’s a game that takes a little practice to master, but once you do, it’s endlessly engaging.

No matter what kind of board game your teen loves, one of these options is sure to be a hit. From Ticket to Ride to Codenames and beyond, there’s no shortage of fun to be had with these games. So gather your friends or family, set up the board, and get ready for an afternoon of fun – 2022 is the year of board games!

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